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You know I Only Want You

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April 2023

This piece is entitled 'You know I Only Want You'.
Have you ever seen good fellas? Well That movie was HUGE for me growing up. I must have seen it 20+ times. I always admired the main character played by the late Ray Leota.
In this piece you will find his wife Karen, when she wakes him up with a revolver after she learns he's been seeing someone else. Ill let you make your own opinions and meaning of the piece.

One of my first creations. This piece means so much to me. Growing up, I've always been interested in art work and creation. My form of art has always been in the form of writing and recording music.
Up until about 2 years ago, when i began painting. My process is a little different though. Im not talented when it comes to drawing and putting my idea onto the canvas. I use Art programs on the computer to bring my work to life. I first create these images on the computer and have the printed directly to canvas. From there, I begin to add pieces of mixed media that i believe to correspond with the topic. Lastly I add different forms of paint and add a finishing layer of Resin.

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